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五個關於杜拜世博的事實 5 facts about Expo 2020 Dubai

4.官方航空合作夥伴 Official aviation partner
阿聯酋航空為2020年杜拜世界博覽會官方航空合作夥伴,特別於杜拜世博會辦理期間推出杜拜世博會一日通行證Expo Day Pass的期間限定方案,自2021年10月1日至2022年3月31日期間前往或過境杜拜的阿聯酋航空旅客,皆可使用Expo Day Pass體驗地表規模最盛大的展覽活動。
Emirates is the official aviation partner of Expo 2020 Dubai. It will launch the Expo Day Pass for a limited period of time during the Dubai Expo, from October 1, 2021 to 2022. Emirates passengers traveling to or transiting Dubai during March 31, 2015 can use the Expo Day Pass to experience the largest exhibition on the surface.
5.歌詩達佛羅倫斯號 Ship Service Partner “Costa Firenze”
配合世博會義大利館展期,以文藝復興發源地佛羅倫斯作為主題的歌詩達佛羅倫斯號Costa Firenze將於2021年12月17日至2022年三月中,於波斯灣營運,提供一周的航程,造訪阿拉伯聯合大公國、卡達、阿曼,中途停靠阿布達比、杜哈、馬斯開特,以及於杜拜數天停靠,提供旅客擁有參觀世博會義大利館的最佳體驗。
In conjunction with the exhibition period of the Italian Pavilion at the World Expo, the Costa Firenze, with the theme of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, will operate in the Persian Gulf from December 17, 2021 to mid-March, 2022. A one-week voyage, visiting the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman, stopping in Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Muscat, and stopping in Dubai for several days, providing passengers with the best experience of visiting the Italian Pavilion at the World Expo.
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