The magazine is a tourism-oriented semi-annual publication. Topics range from luxurious hotels, premium class restaurants to the best scenic attractions. It provides recommendations of Taiwan’s must-visit destinations as well as insights for tourists from 22 Arab countries.


  • Discover the beauty of Taiwan in Arabic 用阿拉伯語言探索台灣之美
  • Promote Taiwanese culture and tourism to the Arab World 介紹台灣的觀光景點與文化給阿拉伯世界的旅客
  • Report about the best hotels and restaurants in Taiwan 報導台灣最優質的飯店與餐廳
  • Published twice a year 雜誌每半年刊出一期
  • Reach up to 420 million Arabic readers in 22 Arab countries 雜誌發行於22個阿拉伯國家,並觸及4.2億人口的阿拉伯讀者

Discover Taiwan in Arabic language 以阿拉伯語探索台灣之美