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CONNECT Ramune 納姆內

The Arab Taiwan chamber office is where business people truly connect.
A famous Taiwanese beverage brand ( Ramune 納姆內 ) cooperate with us to assist in sell its most well-known marble soda to the Arab countries

During our Meeting with Ms. Stella Liu, the chamber offered valuable experience and action points to connect Ramune (納姆內)with other the Arabic market and the potential importers.

很高興今天能與台灣懷舊汽水品牌 – 納姆內會面。透過會議,我們了解到納姆內十分希望藉由阿拉伯在台商務協會的資源,將其版圖拓站至擁有4.2億人口的阿拉伯世界,販售旗下著名的商品、拓展公司的版圖。


We covered many important items and achieved several goals that were set during the meeting
The company’s previous targeting market was limited to Taiwan, and now we see an opportunity to act as the intermediary to find potential buyers in the Arab world.

阿拉伯在台商務協會很榮幸能夠向 納姆內 介紹且討論對於台灣汽水進軍阿拉伯市場的潛力以及實際方案。由於市場方針不同,納姆內 的品牌推廣目前只鎖定台灣,現在我們找到了機會幫助 納姆內 在阿拉伯世界中尋找合適的買家。我們也非常期待日後即是在離台灣數千公里的阿拉伯世界,也能享受 Ramune 旗下,擁有獨特風格且充滿台灣味的汽水。

We are beyond excited to see how Arabic people will enjoy this unique drink that carries Taiwan’s traditional culture.

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