The Arab Chamber of Commerce Taiwan was founded with the mission of putting Taiwan business in the map of the Arab world.


The Arab Chamber of Commerce open new doors to the development of Taiwan’s foreign relations and cooperation with the Arab world

The Chamber targets to build a strong relationship between TAIWAN and ARAB WORLD to attract businessmen from 22 Arab countries, to come to Taiwan and trade even if their countries do not have a council or trade office or diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The Arab World consists of 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Currently less than 5 countries have Trade and Economic Representative office in Taiwan.

The Arab Chamber of Commerce Taiwan has the ambition to create a ”business bridge” where cultural, social and lingual barriers are collapsed to pave the way for business to flourish between Taiwan and the rest of the Arab World.

The ACCT mission is creating the conditions for Taiwan economic growth and building new opportunity by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and convenience. By assisting the Business sector, allow Taiwan’s economy to play a leading role in the Arab world economy.



The Chamber provides complete commercial service for Taiwan manufacturers, exporters, businesses, and forwarders


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